Since 2009 solar power has become a recognised source of cheap, reliable, long-term power leading to a huge expansion in its use. Issues such as energy security and the long-term cost of fossil fuels have added to its appeal.


Its greatest attraction, though, is its accessibility. The relatively low cost of development means that homeowners, small and medium-sized firms, farmers and large corporations can all participate and benefit.

One of the easiest ways for companies to harness solar power is to make use of under-utilised rooftops by leasing them out. The benefits of doing this can include:

  • substantially cutting energy costs
  • slashing carbon emissions
  • improving green credentials
  • increasing property values

Bentley, Marks & Spencer and Sainsbury’s are amongst many companies that have all had large systems built on the roofs of their buildings.

Rooftop owners are not the only ones who can benefit. Tenants can gain too, through cheaper onsite energy, security of supply and even a reduction in the cost of roof maintenance or replacement.

Roof-mounted systems can be built in a matter of weeks, with minimal disruption to tenants, and they rarely need planning permission. Projects last a minimum of 25 years - but solar panels are very robust and long-lasting so longer timescales are possible.

Flat roofs, sloping roofs, south facing or east/west facing - there are solutions for all. Sun4 net can use its proven project development experience either to build projects for customers or put together a financial package so that they can enjoy an income without any upfront investment. Call us today to see how we can help you.

If you have more than 30 acres of land that is grade 3 or below and which you’re using for sheep-grazing or not using at all, it may be suitable for a ground-mounted solar farm.


Ground-mounted solar farms are more complicated than rooftop systems. They require planning permission, they must be near a point of connection to the electricity grid and there are ecological and environmental issues that must be considered.

For example planning permission is unlikely to be granted in greenbelt and areas of outstanding natural beauty.


At Sun4net we’re experienced in dealing with all these questions and will be happy to give you an initial opinion. Unlike many companies, we actively look to buy as well as lease suitable land. Call us today to see how we can help you. We pay market rents per acre for any land we use.

Grid-scale battery projects are becoming more and more popular in the UK, since they help balance the supply and demand of electricity in the grid as renewables such as solar and wind are erratic in their supply of power.

Battery projects have the advantage of taking up less space than a solar farm – typically 2-5 acres and we pay per Megawatt rather than per acre. Battery projects are easier and quicker to get planning permission for.

We can quickly tell you if your land is suitable for solar PV or a battery project, or possibly both. We can then take the project from design through planning, finance and build.

Sun4net Ltd is a developer of solar PV and battery projects. Part of an Anglo-German group, S4N has been developing solar roof-top and ground-mounted solar projects since 2014 and more recently has moved into grid-scale energy storage projects.


Based in London, we are developing a portfolio of ground-mounted solar and battery projects ranging from the far north of Scotland to the southern coast of England.

We have experience of taking projects from early-stage development through to the finished item. We are familiar with all stages of project development – planning permission, lease options and grid connections. We have also raised funding to build such projects and have overseen build and energisation.

We have built over 45 Megawatts (mWp) of solar capacity to date (enough to power 45,000 homes) and own and manage 22 mWp. The majority of this is on commercial and agricultural roofs in Germany. We also manage the ongoing operation and maintenance of these assets.


To find out about utilising your under-used rooftop or fields, please contact:

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Peter Keep 020 3289 446207932 735601

Sun4net Ltd. 51, Hollingbourne Road, London SE24 9NB

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